01 December 2006

Storybooking Grandma and her Conner/Connor Family

Well some of my time in California was spent interviewing Grandma. I didn't have nearly enough time. I only got half way through the questions I had for her. But at least I have enough to start the first part of her life in the book.

I am asking for help from anyone out there who may have photos of our Connor family. Some of the family members I am looking for photos of is: Ernest Conner/Connor & Flora Mae Manning, William Monroe Conner & Laura Barnett/Conner, William Conner & Rachelle E Martin/Conner, and Joseph H Conner and Effie. As well as any of their children and siblings. I am also looking for any stories you may have about these people.

I am currently working on two books right now. One is of Grandma for our family, and the other is of the Conner family (descendants of Joseph H Conner) for anyone interested in ordering one of these books when I have it finished I will announce it.

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