11 March 2013

Jenkins Genealogy Book

It was nearly two years of blood sweat and tears, but I finally finished my first family history book. This book is about my Jenkins family. I could have never put together such a lovely scrap book with out the generosity and love of some very wonderful distant cousins that I met in the process. Very few of the photos were in my possession when I started this project. Now I have a 29 page book of photos and stories about my Jenkins ancestors. A few of the cousins ordered their copies. Now I'll be offering this book to anyone that wants a copy. If you'd like a copy of the book you can contact me to order. This book traces the genealogy of my grandmother Olivia Joyce Jenkins, her father John Hubert Jenkins, John Stephens Jenkins, and Michael Oliver Jenkins. Then the history gets interesting. We may never know for sure the name of MO's mother or father, but we had Jewel Dial's interview of him that spoke of his Grandfather Joseph Jenkins and his Aunt Margaret (Jenkins) Fronburger who raised him along with his cousin Barbara who was the same age.
I then spent a year researching this family of North Carolina Jenkins. They were an early family to Rowan and Lincoln Counties, NC. There is some mention in documents of Hugh Jenkins (the farthest ancestor) being from Lancaster County, PA. In Lancaster, PA is where the trail grew cold. If I ever break through there, I'll write a sequel.

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